Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15).

12/10/2017 Stew Fleeman
12/03/2017 Stew Fleeman
11/26/2017 Stew Fleeman
11/19/2017Stew Fleeman
11/12/2017Stew Fleeman
10/29/2017Stew Fleeman
10/15/2017Stew Fleeman
03/26/2017Randy Martin
03/19/2017Randy Martin
03/12/2017Randy Martin
03/05/2017Randy Martin
02/26/2017Randy Martin
02/19/2017Randy Martin
02/05/2017Stew Fleeman
01/22/2017Stew Fleeman
01/15/2017Stew Fleeman
01/08/2017Stew Fleeman
12/18/2016Stew Fleeman
11/27/2016Stew Fleeman
11/20/2016Stew Fleeman
11/13/2016Stew Fleeman
11/06/2016Stew Fleeman
10/23/2016Stew Fleeman
10/16/2016Stew Fleeman
10/09/2016Stew Fleeman
10/02/2016Stew Fleeman
09/25/2016Stew Fleeman
09/18/2016Stew Fleeman
09/11/2016Stew Fleeman
09/28/2016Bruce Brady
08/21/2016Bruce Brady
08/14/2016Bruce Brady
07/24/2016Bruce Brady
07/10/2016Mike Flemming
07/03/2016Mike Flemming
06/26/2016Mike Flemming
06/19/2016Mike Flemming
06/12/2016Mike Flemming
06/05/2016Mike Flemming
05/29/2016Michael Hudson
05/22/2016Michael Hudson
05/15/2016Michael Hudson
05/08/2016Michael Hudson
04/24/2016Michael Hudson
04/10/2016Michael Hudson
03/20/2016Rev Randy Martin
03/13/2016Rev Randy Martin
03/06/2016Rev Randy Martin
02/28/2016Rev Randy Martin
02/21/2016Rev Randy Martin
02/14/2016Rev Randy Martin
02/07/2016Rev Randy Martin
01/24/2016Stew Fleeman
01/17/2016Stew Fleeman
01/10/2016Stew Fleeman
01/03/2016Stew Fleeman
12/27/2015Stew Fleeman
12/20/2015Stew Fleeman
12/13/2015Stew Fleeman
11/29/2015Stew Fleeman
11/22/2015Stew Fleeman
11/08/2015Stew Fleeman
11/01/2015Stew Fleeman
10/25/2015Stew Fleeman
10/18/2015Michael Hudson
10/11/2015Stew Fleeman
10/04/2015Stew Fleeman
09/27/2015Stew Fleeman
09/20/2015Stew Fleeman
09/13/2015Stew Fleeman
02/09/2014Ray Call
11/24/2013Bruce Brady
11/10/2013Bruce Brady
11/03/2013Bruce Brady
10/27/2013Bruce Brady
10/20/2013Michael Hudson
10/13/2013Michael Hudson
10/06/2013Bruce Brady &
Michael Hudson
06/23/2013Bruce Brady
06/16/2013Bruce Brady
06/09/2013Bruce Brady
05/26/2013Bruce Brady
05/19/2013Bruce Brady
05/12/2013Bruce Brady
05/05/2013Bruce Brady
04/28/2013Bruce Brady
04/21/2013Bruce Brady
04/14/2013Bruce Brady
04/07/2013Bruce Brady
03/24/2013Bruce Brady
03/17/2013Bruce Brady
03/10/2013Bruce Brady
02/24/2013Mr. Justin Hebert
02/10/2013Bruce Brady
02/03/2013Bruce Brady
01/20/2013Bruce Brady
01/13/2013Bruce Brady
01/6/2013Bruce Brady
12/30/2012Stew Fleeman
12/23/2012Stew Fleeman
12/16/2012Bruce Brady
12/9/2012Bruce Brady
12/2/2012Bruce Brady
11/25/2012Bruce Brady
11/18/2012Bruce Brady
11/11/2012Bruce Brady
11/4/2012Bruce Brady
10/28/2012Bruce Brady
10/14/2012Bruce Brady
10/07/2012Bruce Brady
09/30/2012Bruce Brady
09/23/2012Bruce Brady
09/16/2012Bruce Brady
09/09/2012Bruce Brady
08/26/2012Stew Fleeman
08/12/2012Stew Fleeman
07/29/2012Stew Fleeman
07/22/2012Stew Fleeman
07/08/2012Stew Fleeman
07/01/2012Stew Fleeman
06/24/2012Stew Fleeman
06/17/2012Rev Joe White
06/10/2012Stew Fleeman
06/03/2012Rev Jaimeson Stockhaus
05/27/2012Stew Fleeman
05/20/2012David Diaso
05/13/2012Stew Fleeman
05/06/2012Stew Fleeman
04/29/2012Stew Fleeman
04/22/2012Stew Fleeman
04/15/2012Stew Fleeman
04/01/2012Stew Fleeman
03/25/2012Stew Fleeman
03/11/2012Stew Fleeman
03/04/2012Dan Letlow
02/26/2012Stew Fleeman
02/19/2012Stew Fleeman
02/12/2012Stew Fleeman
02/05/2012Stew Fleeman
01/29/2012Stew Fleeman
01/22/2012Stew Fleeman
01/15/2012Stew Fleeman
01/08/2012Stew Fleeman
12/18/2011Randy Martin
12/11/2011Randy Martin
12/04/2011Randy Martin
11/27/2011Randy Martin
11/20/2011Randy Martin
11/06/2011Randy Martin
10/30/2011Randy Martin
10/23/2011Randy Martin
10/16/2011Randy Martin
10/09/2011Randy Martin
09/25/2011Randy Martin
09/18/2011Randy Martin
09/04/2011Randy Martin
08/28/2011Randy Martin
08/21/2011Randy Martin
08/14/2011Randy Martin
08/07/2011Randy Martin
07/24/2011Jim Steed
07/14/2011Jim Steed
07/10/2011Jim Steed
07/03/2011Jim Steed
06/26/2011Jim Steed
06/12/2011Bruce Brady
06/05/2011Luke Wright
05/29/2011Luke Wright
05/22/2011Bruce Brady
05/15/2011Bruce Brady
05/08/2011Bruce Brady
05/01/2011Bruce Brady
04/17/2011Bruce Brady
04/10/2011 Bruce Brady
04/03/2011 Luke Wright
03/27/2011Luke Wright
03/20/2011Bruce Brady &
Luke Wright
03/13/2011Gary Nantt
03/06/2011Bruce Brady
02/27/2011Bruce Brady
02/20/2011Bruce Brady
02/06/2011Bruce Brady
01/30/2011Randy Martin
01/23/2011Randy Martin
01/16/2011Randy Martin
01/09/2011Randy Martin
01/02/2011Randy Martin
12/26/2010Randy Martin
12/19/2010Jim Steed
12/12/2010Randy Martin
12/05/2010Randy Martin
11/28/2010Randy Martin
11/14/2010Randy Martin
11/07/2010Bruce Brady
10/31/2010Bruce Brady
10/24/2010Bruce Brady
10/17/2010Bruce Brady
10/10/2010Bruce Brady
10/03/2010Bruce Brady
09/26/2010Bruce Brady
09/19/2010Bruce Brady
09/12/2010Bruce Brady
09/05/2010Bruce Brady
08/29/2010Bruce Brady
08/22/2010Bruce Brady
08/15/2010Randy Martin
08/08/2010Randy Martin
08/01/2010Randy Martin
07/25/2010Randy Martin
07/18/2010Bruce Brady
07/11/2010Bruce Brady
07/04/2010Bruce Brady
06/27/2010Mike Cochran
06/20/2010Mike Cochran
06/13/2010Mike Cochran
06/06/2010Mike Cochran
05/30/2010Mike Cochran
05/23/2010Mike Cochran
05/16/2010Mike Cochran
05/09/2010Mike Cochran
05/02/2010Mike Cochran
04/25/2010Mike Cochran
04/18/2010Bruce Brady
04/11/2010Bruce Brady
03/14/2010Bruce Brady
03/07/2010Bruce Brady
02/28/2010Bruce Brady
02/21/2010Bruce Brady
02/14/2010Randy Martin
02/07/2010Bruce Brady
01/31/2010Bruce Brady
01/24/2010Bruce Brady
01/17/2010Bruce Brady
01/10/2010Bruce Brady
01/03/2010Bruce Brady
12/27/2009Bruce Brady
12/20/2009Bruce Brady
12/13/2009Bruce Brady
12/06/2009Bruce Brady
11/29/2009Terry Brown
11/22/2009Terry Brown
11/15/2009Terry Brown
11/08/2009Terry Brown
11/01/2009Terry Brown
10/18/2009Terry Brown
10/11/2009Terry Brown
10/04/2009Terry Brown
09/27/2009Terry Brown
09/20/2009Terry Brown
09/13/2009Stew Fleeman
09/06/2009Stew Fleeman
08/30/2009Stew Fleeman
08/23/2009Randy Martin
08/16/2009Stew Fleeman
08/09/2009Luke Wright
08/02/2009Bob Brady
07/26/2009Luke Wrightr
07/19/2009Bob Brady
07/05/2009Luke Wright
06/21/2009Luke Wright
05/03/2009Luke Wright
04/05/2009Luke Wright
03/29/2009Luke Wright
03/22/2009Mike Cochran
03/08/2009Mike Cochran
03/03/2009Mike Cochran
02/22/2009Mike Cochran
02/15/2009Mike Cochran
02/08/2009Mike Cochran
02/01/2009Bruce Brady
01/25/2009Bruce Brady
01/18/2009Bruce Brady
01/11/2009Bruce Brady
12/28/2008Bruce Brady
12/21/2008Bruce Brady
11/30/2008Bruce Brady
11/23/2008Bruce Brady
11/16/2008Bruce Brady
11/09/2008Bruce Brady
11/02/2008Bruce Brady
10/26/2008Randy Martin
10/12/2008Randy Martin
10/05/2008Randy Martin